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Relations with Education Research Agencies

(Research Testing Guidelines)


1.            The superintendent will appoint a research testing review committee to review research requests initiated from graduate students, professional groups or individual professionals (including school employees working on a non-district project) who wish to conduct research testing involving students in the district. The committee will have a membership which will include as a minimum one or more school employees, a licensed psychologist who is a member of the American Psychological Association, a researcher and a parent/guardian of a student attending a district school. A committee member may not participate in reviewing a request for which the member is a sponsor or researcher.


2.            A written proposal for permission to do research testing will first be submitted to the assistant superintendent of instruction and the director of student services for a review of the proposal's feasibility and appropriateness. If the assistant superintendent of instruction and the director of student services believe the proposal may be feasible and appropriate, the request shall be submitted to the committee.


3.            The committee will operate under the administration of the director of student services. Depending upon the volume of requests, the committee may find it advisable to decline to review proposals from certain categories of researchers (i.e., graduate students, undergraduate students). The committee will be provided with such information as it deems necessary, including information on current research standards applicable to the project.


4.            The committee will judge the merit of written requests for testing with attention being given to the following areas:


a.       Scientific soundness of the project; that is, how likely it is to produce valuable information relative to student class time.


b.      Procedures to ensure anonymity.


c.       Soundness of stated purpose and methods.


d.      Benefits of the resulting information.


e.       Evaluation of possible risk to students.


f.        Examination of parent/guardian consent forms and student consent forms when applicable. Consent of the parent/guardian will be obtained for all research with students not conducted or contracted for by school employees unless the research consists merely of observing unidentified students engaged in their normal activity. Student consent will be sought when appropriate.


g.      A clearly written statement appropriate for parents/guardians which explains:


(1)     The project's purpose.


(2)     How the student was selected.


(3)     General procedures to be followed.


(4)     Anticipated benefits for general knowledge, the student and the district.


(5)     Whether students will be personally identifiable and to whom.


(6)     To whom results will be available.


(7)     The right of parents/guardians to inspect testing materials before consenting.


(8)     Researcher's name, address and telephone number and professional affiliations.


(9)     Any identifiable risks to participating students.


(10)   How the student may opt out of the research.


(11)   Post-research follow-up procedures.


(12)   That the school is neither conducting nor sponsoring the project.


5.            The committee will make a recommendation to the director of student services who will make the final decision about the research project.


Approval date: Not Yet Adopted


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