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Relations with Education Research Agencies


The Board of Education recognizes that requests will be made on occasion by nonschool personnel and/or agencies to conduct research projects in the school that have educational and social benefit.


However, because such projects invariably involve school personnel and interrupt class instructional time, it is necessary to evaluate carefully the merits of each project before permission is granted.


All requests to conduct research shall be reviewed by a research testing review committee in accordance with this policy and accompanying procedures to determine if permission shall be granted.


If research by nonschool personnel is to involve students, complete information about the project shall be provided to parents/guardians and students in advance. No student shall be the subject of any research project without the prior written consent of the student's parents/guardians and the student himself if the student is old enough to understand the process and purpose of the project. Consent shall not be necessary when the researcher merely will observe students engaged in normal activities.


All researchers shall be prepared to explain the purpose, risks, benefits, procedures, results and intended uses of the project in understandable terms. A student or parent/guardian decision not to participate in a research project conducted by nonschool personnel shall be kept private and respected in all cases.


Any survey, assessment, analysis or evaluation of students shall be consistent with district policy and applicable law.


Adoption date: Not Yet Adopted


LEGAL REFS.: 20 U.S.C. 1232h (rights of students and parents to inspect instructional materials and give prior consent for certain surveys, analysis and evaluation)

C.R.S. 22-1-123 (district shall comply with federal law on protection of pupil rights; Colorado provisions regarding survey, assessment, analysis and evaluation of students)


CROSS REFS.: GCS, Professional Research and Publishing

JLDAC, Screening/Testing of Students