File:  LBDB*-2




Relations with Institute Charter Schools

(School Boards without Exclusive Chartering Authority)


The Board of Education pledges to work cooperatively with the State Charter School Institute (institute) so that all charter schools authorized to operate within the boundaries of the school district can be successful in their mission and purpose.  The Board has concurrent jurisdiction with the institute to authorize charter schools within the boundaries of the school district.  Those charter schools authorized by the institute shall be referred to as institute charter schools, which will distinguish them from district charter schools authorized by the Board.


The Board directs the superintendent to participate in the institute charter application process, in accordance with state law.  Of interest to the district includes, but is not limited to, how the location of the proposed institute charter school will impact district schools, enrollment projections for the institute charter school, and whether the institute charter school will provide an educational option that substantially differs from the educational opportunities provided by existing district schools.


For district planning purposes, the superintendent or designee is directed to seek information from the institute about the projected aggregate number of students enrolling in institute charter schools for the upcoming academic year who were previously enrolled in district schools and, to the extent known, the name of the school in which the student was enrolled, the name of the institute charter school and the grade in which the student is enrolled for the upcoming year.


It is the Board’s intent that information be available to the public to distinguish the unique governance structures of both district and institute charter schools so that the public may be directed to the appropriate source for further information.


Adoption date: Not Yet Adopted


LEGAL REF.:         C.R.S. 22-30.5-501 et seq. (institute charter school law)