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Public Concerns/Complaints about

Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations


Parents/guardians or patrons shall be allowed to challenge the use of any teaching methods, activities or presentations but must express such objection through the following procedures:


1.      The parent/guardian or patron with a concern is encouraged to meet with the appropriate teachers or other staff involved.


2.      If not resolved with the teacher, the school principal shall hold a conference with the complainant.  A written record shall be made of this meeting.  Copies shall be supplied to all parties involved.


3.      After the initial contact of the complainant with the school administrator, the teacher involved in the challenge shall be invited to attend any subsequent meetings.  Written minutes shall be taken of subsequent meetings.  Copies shall be supplied to all parties involved.


4.      If the complainant is dissatisfied with the results of the conference(s), the principal shall inform the complainant of the following procedures and provide a copy of these procedures and the “Citizen's Challenge or Objection to Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations” form to be acted upon by a review committee appointed by the superintendent.


5.      Within 10 working days of receiving the completed challenge form, the principal shall forward it to the chair of the review committee together with a written report of the conference(s) held with the complainant.


6.      Copies of the report also shall be sent to the superintendent, the complainant and the teacher involved.


7.      One copy of the report shall be kept in the school file.


8.      The principal shall provide the chair of the review committee with a copy or copies or description of the methods, activities or presentations, and the principal involved shall be given the opportunity to render a professional opinion on the appropriateness of the methods, activities or presentations utilizing supporting evidence.

9.      The complainant shall be given the opportunity to render an opinion on the appropriateness of the material utilizing supporting evidence.


10.    Within 60 calendar days from receiving the completed and signed challenge form, a written recommendation of the review committee shall be forwarded to the superintendent and all parties in interest.


11.    If the complainant or teacher involved is not satisfied with the recommendation of the review committee, he or she has the privilege of appealing to the superintendent and if necessary the Board of Education.


12.    If the same methods, activities or presentations are challenged at a future date, the principal and the chair of the review committee shall examine the previous decision in the light of additional points of view.  If they find any significant difference in the new challenge, the committee again may review the methods, activities or presentations.  Otherwise, the original decision shall stand and a copy of the final written recommendation of the committee and any Board action shall be sent to the complainant with an explanation that the methods, activities or presentations have been evaluated previously.  If the complainant believes his or her challenge is different from the previous one or that significant new evidence exists, the complainant may appeal the decision to the review committee, superintendent or Board of Education.


13.    Any party may be represented by counsel at any step of this procedure.


Nothing herein shall be deemed to modify or repeal any other policy or regulation of the school district relative to rights and expression on the part of the professional staff or students.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014