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Publicís Right to Know/Freedom of Information


1.            A person who has the right to inspect a public record also has the right to request to be furnished a copy of the record.


2.            The fee for copying public records will be $.25_ per page unless actual costs exceed that amount.†


3.            If the district in response to a specific request manipulates data to generate a record in a form not used by the district, it may charge a reasonable fee not to exceed the actual cost of manipulating the data and generating the record.† Fulfilling such a request will be at the option of the district.


4.            If a requested record is a result of computer output other than word processing, the fee for a copy will be based on recovery of the actual costs of providing the electronic service and product together with a reasonable portion of the costs associated with building and maintaining the information system.† This fee may be reduced or waived by the superintendent or designee if the electronic service or product is used for a public purpose.


5.            If the district does not have facilities for making a copy of a record that a person has the right to inspect, the person shall be granted access to the record for the purpose of making a copy.† The copy shall be made under the supervision of the custodian of records.† When practical, the copy shall be made in the place where the record is kept but if it is impractical to do so, the custodian may allow arrangements for the copy to be made at another facility.† If another facility is necessary, the costs of providing them shall be paid by the person requesting the copy.† The custodian may establish a reasonable schedule of times for making a copy and may charge the same fee for services rendered in supervising the copy as the custodian may charge for furnishing a copy.


Approval date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REF.:††††† C.R.S. 24-72-205† (reasonable fee for copies)