File:† JRA/JRC-E-1






Student Records/Release of Information on Students

(Notification to Parents and Students of Rights

Concerning Student Education Records)


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Colorado law afford parents/guardians (parents) and students over 18 years of age (eligible students) certain rights with respect to the studentís education records, as follows:


1.††† The right to inspect and review the studentís education records within a reasonable time period after the request for access is made (not to exceed 45 days).† See JRA/JRC-R.


2.††† The right to request the amendment of the studentís education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the studentís privacy rights.† See JRA/JRC-R.


3.           The right to privacy of personally identifiable information in the studentís education records, except to the extent that FERPA and state law authorize disclosure without consent. See JRA/JRC.


4.††† The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the district to comply with the requirements of FERPA.† The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is:


†††††† Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC† 20202-8520.


5.           The right to refuse to permit the designation of any or all of the categories of directory information.† See JRA/JRC.


6.           The right to request that information not be provided to military recruiting officers. See JRA/JRC and JRA/JRC-E-2.†




Adoption date: September 22, 2014