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Student Dismissal Precautions


1.††† The enrollment records of the district will include information regarding the marital status of a student's parents.† Such status will be reviewed each year.†


2.††† If a student's parents are divorced legally separated or have other special custody arrangements, district personnel shall request a copy of any and all legal documents pertaining to child custody, including restraining orders.† If the custody decree is from a state other than Colorado, the decree must indicate that it has been filed with the clerk of any district court of Colorado.


3.††† The school shall flag the files of students whose parents are divorced or legally separated or have other special custody arrangements.† The school shall maintain a card file of these students that is easily accessible to the principal or designee.


4.††† If a person whom the principal or designee does not recognize appears at school requesting the early dismissal of a student, the principal or designee shall ask for identification such as a driver's license.


5.††† The district shall take reasonable measures to protect the custody rights of the various parties involved.† It shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to keep the school apprised of the studentís custody status.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014