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Student Dismissal Precautions


The school district shall take reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of its students during the school day. Therefore, each school shall set up procedures to validate requests for early dismissal so that students are released only for proper reasons and into proper hands.


Under no circumstances shall staff dismiss a student from school prior to the end of the school day or into any person's custody without the direct prior approval and knowledge of the building principal or designee.


The principal or designee shall not excuse a student under the age of 18 before the end of a school day without a request from the student's parents/guardians. In keeping with this policy:


1.                 A student shall not be released from school early on the basis of an invalidated telephone call.


2.                 Students of divorced or legally separated parents may be released to a noncustodial parent only upon the approval of the custodial parent.


An elementary student shall be sent home only with a parent/guardian or, if the parent/guardian is not available, with another authorized adult.


Additional precautions shall be taken by the principals as needs arise.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014


CROSS REF.:  KBBA, Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights and Responsibilities