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Educational Alternatives for Expelled Students


Parents/guardians shall be notified in writing at the time of any expulsion of their right to request services from the district if their child is expelled.


All requests for services for expelled students must be made in writing to the principal or principal designee the student or the studentís parent/guardian.


Within 10 school days of receiving the request, the principal will notify the student and the parent/guardian of the goal in providing educational services, the services to be provided by the district and the amount of credit the student will receive.


If an expelled student is not receiving educational services through the school district under the accompanying policy, the parents/guardians shall be contacted at least once every 60 days until the student is eligible to re-enroll to determine the educational services the student is receiving, unless the student is enrolled in another school district or independent or parochial school, or if the student is committed to the department of human services or sentenced through the juvenile justice system.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014