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Educational Alternatives for Expelled Students


Upon request of a student or the studentís parent/guardian, the district shall provide educational services deemed appropriate by the district for any student expelled from the district. The educational services will be designed to enable the student to return to the school in which the student was enrolled prior to expulsion, to successfully complete the GED, or to enroll in a non-public, non-parochial school or in an alternative school.


Educational services includes tutoring, alternative educational programs, including online programs authorized by state law, or career and technical education programs that provide instruction in the academic areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition to educational services, the student or parent/guardian may request any of the services provided by the district through agreements with state agencies and community organizations for at-risk students.


The district shall determine the amount of credit the student shall receive toward graduation for the educational services provided.


Educational services provided by the district shall be designed to provide a second chance for the student to succeed in achieving an education. While receiving educational services, a student may be suspended or expelled pursuant to the conduct and discipline code of the district. Except as required by federal law for special education students, any student who is suspended or expelled while receiving educational services pursuant to this policy shall not receive further services until the period of suspension or expulsion is completed.


The educational services may be provided directly by the district or through agreements with state agencies and community organizations entered into pursuant to state law. The services need not be provided on school district property.


Students who are expelled for conduct or behavior involving a threat of harm to district students or personnel shall be served through a home-study course or in an alternative school setting designed to address such conduct or behavior, at the discretion of the district.


The superintendent is directed to apply for moneys through the expelled student services grant program established by Colorado law to assist in providing such services.


All expelled students receiving services will be included in the districtís pupil enrollment, including those expelled prior to the October count date.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014


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