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Disciplinary Removal from Classroom


It is the policy of the Board to maintain classrooms in which student behavior does not interfere with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively or the ability of other students to participate in classroom learning activities.


Students shall be expected to abide by the code of conduct adopted by the Board and any other appropriate classroom rules of behavior established by the building principal and/or classroom teacher for the purpose of maintaining order and a favorable academic atmosphere. Any student who violates the code of conduct or other classroom rules may be subject to removal from class and/or disciplinary action.


Student removal from class is a serious measure and should not be imposed in an arbitrary, casual or inconsistent manner. Behavioral expectations are always more constructive and more likely to be followed when they are communicated as clearly as possible to students. However, it is neither possible nor necessary to specify every type of improper or inappropriate behavior, or every circumstance that would justify removal from class under this policy. Teachers are expected to exercise their best professional judgment in deciding whether it is appropriate to remove a student from class in any particular circumstance. All instances of formal removal from class shall be documented.


A teacher is authorized to immediately remove a student from the teacherís classroom if the studentís behavior:


1.                 violates the code of conduct adopted by the Board;

2.                 is dangerous, unruly, or disruptive; or

3.                 seriously interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach the class or other students to learn.


A student with a disability may be removed from class and placed in an alternative educational setting only to the extent authorized by state and federal laws and regulations.


Removal from class under this policy does not prohibit the district from pursuing or implementing additional disciplinary measures, including but not limited to detentions, suspensions, or expulsions for the conduct or behavior for which the student was removed.


The superintendent is directed to establish procedures to implement this policy so that removals from a classroom occur in a consistent manner throughout the district. Parents/guardians shall be notified of the studentís removal from class in accordance with established procedures.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014


LEGAL REF.:† C.R.S. 22-32-109.1 (2)(a)(I)(B) (policy required as part of safe school plan)


CROSS REFS.: JIC, subcodes (all pertain to student conduct)

††††††††††††††††††††††† JK, Student Discipline, and subcodes