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Student Discipline


The Board believes that effective student discipline is a prerequisite for sound educational practice and productive learning. The objectives of disciplining any student must be to help the student develop a positive attitude toward self-discipline and socially acceptable behavior.


All policies and procedures for handling general and major student discipline problems shall be designed to achieve these broad objectives. Disorderly students shall be dealt with in a manner which allows other students to learn in an atmosphere which is safe, conducive to the learning process and free from unnecessary disruptions.


The Board in accordance with state law has adopted a written student conduct and discipline code based upon the principle that every student is expected to follow accepted rules of conduct and to show respect for and to obey persons in authority. The code also emphasizes that certain behavior, especially behavior that disrupts the classroom, is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action. The code shall emphasize proportionate disciplinary interventions and consequences and keeping students engaged in learning.


All Board-adopted policies and Board-approved regulations containing the letters “JK” in the file name constitute the discipline section of the legally required code.


Immunity for enforcement of discipline code


An act of a teacher or other employee shall not be considered child abuse if the act was performed in good faith and in compliance with Board policy and procedures.


A teacher or any other person acting in good faith and in compliance with the discipline code adopted by the Board shall be immune from criminal prosecution or civil liability unless the person is acting willfully or wantonly.


Remedial discipline plans


The principal may develop a remedial discipline plan for any student who causes a material and substantial disruption in the classroom, on school grounds, in school vehicles or at school activities or events. The goal of the remedial discipline plan shall be to address the student’s disruptive behavior and educational needs while keeping the child in school.


Discipline of habitually disruptive students


Students who have caused a material and substantial disruption in the classroom, on school grounds, in school vehicles or at school activities or events three times during the school year shall be declared habitually disruptive students. Any student enrolled in the district’s schools may be subject to being declared a habitually disruptive student. Declaration as a habitually disruptive student may result in the student’s expulsion.


Distribution of conduct and discipline code


The superintendent shall arrange to have a copy of the conduct and discipline code provided once to each student in elementary, middle, junior high and high school and once to each new student in the district. The superintendent shall ensure reasonable measures are taken to ensure each student is familiar with the code. Copies shall be posted in each school of the district. In addition, any significant change in the code shall be distributed to each student and posted in each school.


The Board shall consult with administrators, teachers, parents, students and other members of the community in the development of the conduct and discipline code.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014


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CROSS REFS.: GBG, Liability of School Personnel/Staff Protection

                        JIC, Student Conduct, and subcodes

                        JK subcodes, (all relate to student discipline)