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Extracurricular Activity Eligibility


The following rules shall govern participation in all school-approved extracurricular activities:


1.                 Participants must be enrolled in the district as full-time middle school students or high school students in courses that will earn three units of credit per semester or enrolled in a nonpublic home-based program or an independent or parochial school taking an equivalent number of classes.


2.                 Students enrolled in the district must be in attendance at school for the entire school day in order to participate in any school-sponsored activity that is conducted on that day. In cases of emergency or extenuating circumstances, the principal or designee may grant an exception to this limitation. The attendance requirement will not apply to other students since the district cannot effectively monitor their daily attendance.


3.                 An eligibility list will be distributed to all teachers on Friday for district students. Students who receive two failing grades for the week will not be eligible to participate during the following week. No eligibility lists will be published the first week of competition or participation. The activities director will certify individual student eligibility in cooperation with the guidance office. Students participating in activities who are not enrolled in the district must provide appropriate certification stating that the academic eligibility requirements have been met.


4.                 Students must submit a physical examination statement to the school before participating in any sport.


5.                 Students must have emergency treatment, district parent permission and athletic insurance waiver forms, if applicable, filled out, signed and on file with the school before being allowed to practice in a sport or participate in any activity.


6.                 Students violating the district code of conduct will be ineligible until they have complied with all disciplinary sanctions.


7.                 Ineligibility twice during the season will constitute permanent dismissal from the activity.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014


CROSS REF.:  JICDA, Code of Conduct