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Extracurricular Activity Eligibility




For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:


1.                 “Activity” means any extracurricular or interscholastic activity including but not limited to any academic, artistic, athletic, recreational or other related activity offered by a public school.


2.                 “School of attendance” means the school in which a student is enrolled and attends classes.


3.                 “School district of residence” means the school district in which a student resides.


4.                 “School of participation” means a school in which the student participates in an activity but is not the student’s school of attendance.


Participation in activities


All students meeting eligibility requirements are entitled to participate in extracurricular activities at their school of attendance. Subject to the same eligibility requirements, the district shall allow students enrolled in any school (including charter schools, online education programs, nonpublic schools and home schools) to participate on an equal basis in any activity offered by the district that is not offered at a student’s school of attendance.


If an activity is not available at a student’s school of attendance, the student may choose to participate at another public or non-public school in the district of attendance or district of residence. If the original school of participation chosen by the student does not offer an activity in which the student wishes to participate, the student may participate in activities at more than one school of participation during the same school year.


If an activity is not offered by either the district of attendance or the district of residence, the student may seek to participate in a contiguous school district or at the nearest public school that offers the activity even if the school is not in a contiguous school district. However, the district will choose the specific school of participation. When choosing, that district must choose the school that offers the greatest number of activities in which a student wishes to participate.


With regard to athletic teams, the school of participation may reserve slots for up to twice the number of starting positions on the team at each level of competition for students enrolled in the district. With regard to individual athletic activities, the school of participation may reserve slots for up to half the total number of team members at each level of competition for students enrolled in the district.


Students who are residents of the school district but who are being educated in a home school may participate provided they comply with all laws governing non-public home-based education.


Eligibility requirements


To participate in activities at a school of attendance, a student shall meet all of the requirements imposed by the school of attendance.


To participate in activities at a school of participation students must comply with:


1.                 All eligibility requirements imposed by the school of participation.


2.                 The same responsibilities and standards of behavior, including related classroom and practice requirements that apply to enrolled students.


If a student has not met all of the eligibility requirements or if the student would have become ineligible to participate at a school, the student cannot gain or regain eligibility by applying to participate in activities at another school. Any penalties assessed to the student must first be paid at the school of attendance or participation before regaining eligibility to participate at another school.


Transfer students


If a student transfers enrollment to another school without an accompanying change of domicile by the student’s parent/guardian, the student’s eligibility to participate is determined by the district’s eligibility requirements and Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) rules.


Participation fee


Except as otherwise prohibited by state law, nonenrolled students participating in district activities shall pay the same fee charged enrolled students for participation in the activity. [NOTE: The district may charge nonenrolled students up to 150% of the fee charged enrolled students. The district cannot charge a participation fee to any student in out-of-home placement, as that term is defined by C.R.S. 22-32-138(1)(e).]


CHSAA requirements


Eligibility requirements as published by the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) shall be observed by all students at the high school level. Additional eligibility requirements may be imposed by the school district for both high school and middle school students.


Such eligibility requirements shall include good citizenship, acceptable academic standing, parental permission and good health (sports only). All eligibility requirements shall be published if applicable in the student/parent handbooks. Student participation in an activity through any amateur association or league that is not a member of Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) shall not prevent the student from participating or affect eligibility to participate in the same activity at any school as long as the student has the express written permission of the principal at the school of participation, the student’s class attendance is not compromised and the student is in good academic standing.




Any student who is sanctioned or is found by the school, school district or CHSAA to be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity may appeal the sanction or finding. Students may not appeal sanctions for unsportsmanlike conduct or ejection from the activity.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014


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CROSS REFS.: IHBG, Home Schooling

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                        JJ, Student Activities