File:  JJA-2-R




Student Organizations - Open Forum

(Secondary Schools)


1.    The principal shall review the weekly school calendar and indicate when time and space are available for meetings of student organizations so that the meetings will not interfere with the regular educational activities of the school


2.    General information about time periods available for student meetings shall be made available to students upon request.


3.    Students seeking permission to meet on school premises during non-instructional time must complete a form available in the principal's office indicating the name of the organization (if any), the nature of the organization, the purpose of the meeting, and the time and place of the meeting.


4.    Upon reviewing this information, the principal shall schedule the meeting if time and space are available.  Requests shall be denied only in accordance with the Board policy on meetings of noncurricular student organizations.


5.    The principal shall verify that the students requesting permission for a meeting have made arrangements for a faculty monitor and obtain whatever assurances are deemed necessary to see that the meeting is appropriately supervised.


6.    Notices of meetings of noncurricular student organizations may be posted only on a designated bulletin board used by all nonschool-sponsored organizations.  No announcements shall be made over the public address system or in any school-sponsored publications.


7.    The principal shall provide a fair opportunity to any students requesting permission to meet on school premises so long as time and space are available.


8.    If a meeting request is denied by the principal, the principal shall inform the students of the reason for the denial.  The students shall be given an opportunity to request a review of the principal's decision by the superintendent by requesting a review in writing within 10 days of the denial of the request.


Approved Date: September 22, 2014