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Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials


Students who wish to distribute noncurricular printed materials on school property or in conjunction with a school activity must notify the principal a minimum of one day in advance so that details may be worked out regarding the time, place and manner of distribution.


Students do not have to produce an advance copy of the materials that will be distributed for the principalís review.† However, materials which are distributed on school grounds containing information prohibited by Board policy and/or materials that create a significant or substantial disruption, damage to persons or property, or threaten violence to property or persons in the judgment of school officials, may subject the responsible students to disciplinary action following distribution.


The following restrictions will apply to all requests for distribution of noncurricular materials by students:


1.††† Place.† Distribution of printed materials must be made at places within the school or on school grounds as designated by the principal except that in no event may such materials be distributed in any classroom of any building then being occupied by a regularly-scheduled class.


2.††† Time.† Distribution may be made one-half hour before school and/or during regularly scheduled lunch periods and/or 15 minutes after the close of school.† Any other times during the school day are considered to be disruptive of normal school activities.


3.††† Littering.† All distributed items discarded in school or on school grounds must be removed by the persons distributing such items.


4.††† Manner.† No student may in any way be compelled or coerced to accept any noncurricular materials. In the alternative, no school official or student may interfere with the distri≠bution of approved materials.


Violation of any of these regulations will be sufficient cause for denial of the privi≠lege to distribute materials at future dates and for disciplinary action.


Adoption date: September 22, 2014