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Classroom Safety Instruction


Instruction in courses in industrial arts, science, health, homemaking, art, and physical education shall include and emphasize safety and accident prevention.


As applicable to each unit of work in a course, the objectives of safety instruction shall be to help students:


1.   Learn proper safety precautions.


2.   Learn how to care for tools and equipment so as to reduce the possibility of accidents.


3.   Develop habits of good housekeeping, proper storage and handling of materials and sanitation.


4.   Become familiar with personal protective devices and the proper clothing to be worn for safety purposes.


5.   Develop skills in the safe use of tools and equipment.


6.   Learn how to cooperate with others in the promotion and operation of a safety program in the school.


7.   Become familiar with school procedures for when an accident or injury occurs, including procedures designed to prevent disease or transmission of infectious agents.


Safety instruction shall precede the use of materials and equipment by students in applicable units of work in the courses listed above, and instructors shall teach and enforce all safety rules set up for the particular courses.  These shall include the wearing of protective eye devices in appropriate activities.


The superintendent is authorized and directed to develop appropriate means for the implementation of this policy.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


CROSS REFS.:        ADD, Safe Schools

                                 EBBA, Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission