File:  IMBB



Exemptions from Required Instruction


If the religious belief and teachings of a student or parent/guardian are contrary to the content of a school subject or to any part of a school activity, the student may be exempt from participation.  To receive such an exemption, the parent/guardian must present a written request for exemption to the school principal, stating the conflict involved.


If a student is unable to participate in a physical education class, the student must present to the school principal a statement from a physician stating the reason for the inability to participate.


Exemptions from required instruction do not excuse a student from the total semester hours required for graduation.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REFS.:    C.R.S. 22-25-106 (4)

                              C.R.S. 22-25-110


CROSS REFS.:     IHAM, Health Education

                              IHAMB, Family Life/Sex Education