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Teaching Methods


It is the desire of the Board that the best available strategies and methods for bringing about learning be utilized in the districtís schools.† Programs that have demonstrated student success on standards-based assessments shall be used.† The instructional staff shall be expected to keep abreast of new and promising instructional ideas and practices developed in schools throughout the nation and to apply those which have potential for improving the learning program in the districtís schools.


An educational climate shall be established which is conducive to rational thought, free inquiry and respect for the dignity of the individual.† Students shall be taught how to think rather than what to think and shall be provided the opportunity to identify, express and defend their opinions without penalty or fear of reprisal or ridicule.


Strategies and methods shall focus on the personalization of learning including appraisal of individual learning styles, abilities and disabilities; assessment of individual learning needs; and development, implementation and evaluation of individual learning programs.


The Board recognizes that on occasion a teaching method or strategy may be utilized which some parents/guardians find objectionable.† Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the classroom teacher at the beginning of the school year or any other appropriate time.


Learning alternatives may be provided when a studentís parent/guardian determines that the student should not be exposed to the assigned methods, activities or presentations.


Nothing in this policy shall limit a parent/guardianís right to file a complaint to challenge the use of a teaching method, activity or presentation.


Adoption date


LEGAL REF.:††††† C.R.S. 22-32-109.2


CROSS REFS.:†††† IMBB, Exemptions from Required Instruction

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† KEF*, Public Concerns/Complaints about Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations