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Graduation Exercises


Because the Board of Education believes that completion of the requirements for a diploma is an achievement that deserves recognition, the Board wishes to recognize each graduating senior’s accomplishment in a publicly-celebrated graduation exercise.


High schools shall plan their own graduation exercises with the faculty and senior class working together.  Although senior class members may be asked to pay fees to defray graduation expenses, no student shall be barred from participating in the exercises because of inability to pay the fees.


The program for graduation exercises shall be secular in natureThe program shall not include any school-sponsored prayers or other religious activities.


Baccalaureate services


Groups composed of interested students and their families may plan and organize baccalaureate services that are religious in nature.  However the school district shall not be identified, explicitly or implicitly, as sponsoring or endorsing such services.  Attendance at such services shall be entirely voluntary with students and school personnel acting as private individuals.


School district funds including paid staff time shall not be used for baccalaureate services.  Groups planning baccalaureate services may rent and use school facilities under the same terms, conditions and rates prescribed by the district for other comparable student activities.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REFS.:    Constitution of Colorado, Article II, § 4 (religious freedom)

                                        20 U.S.C. 7904 (No Child Left Behind Act of 2001)

                                        C.R.S. 22-1-120 (rights of free expression for public school students)


CROSS REF.:       KF, Community Use of School Facilities