File:  IJOA-R




Field Trips


Educational field trips shall be planned and conducted in accordance with the following guidelines:


1.      The teacher shall review the educational value of the field trip with the principal and receive the principal's approval prior to making arrangements for the field trip.


2.      A parental permission slip is required for each student participating in the trip, including walking or bicycling excursions.  Slips will be available in each school office.


3.      The teacher will provide the parents with information concerning the purpose and destination of the trip, transportation and eating arrangements, date and time of departure, estimated time of return, and a detailed itinerary when a field trip will extend beyond a school day.


4.      Participating students will pay a pro rata share of costs for any special transportation, admission fees, etc.  However, Board of Education funds will be available through the principal for students needing assistance with such expenses.


5.      One or more adults in addition to the teacher will accompany each class on field trips unless otherwise approved by the principal.  Teachers are responsible for informing accompanying adults of their duties and responsibilities.


6.      The teacher should review acceptable standards of conduct with the students in advance of the trip.  The teacher has primary responsibility for the conduct of the students.  Students who cannot be self-controlled or teacher-controlled may be excluded from field trips.


7.      The teacher planning the trip will be responsible for arranging an appropriate educational experience and supervision for students who do not participate in the field trip.


8.      Students' safety will be a primary consideration, with first aid kits required on all field trips.


9.      The buddy system, or partners, is recommended to insure constant awareness of each student's whereabouts, needs and participation.


10.    Should an emergency occur, the teacher is responsible for notifying the principal by telephone as soon as possible.


11.    School buses ordinarily will be used for transportation.  Commercial carriers may be used for certain trips.


12.    The use of private vehicles by staff members for transporting small groups of students may be authorized in certain instances, provided the driver has the required liability insurance.  Transportation by students and parents will not be permitted.


13.    Requests for school bus transportation will be channeled through the principal to the director of transportation.


14.    Any requests for special commercial transportation will be submitted to the principal.


15.    Students will not be permitted to leave the field trip group during the trip unless they are released to parents.


16.    If students return to the school from a trip after school hours, the teachers and the principal will make provisions for their safe departure home, taking into account the age of the students and the hour.


Approval date: Sept. 22, 2014