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Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption


The Board recognizes that it may be necessary to use various types of supplementary materials in addition to the basic and fundamental textbooks to support implementation of a standards-base curriculum and students attainment of district content standards.


For the purpose of this policy, supplementary materials shall be defined as any instructional materials other than textbooks including but not limited to books, periodicals, newspapers, pictures, diagrams, maps, charts, slides, filmstrips, films, records, audio tapes, videotapes and computer programs.


The Board believes that teachers and administrators should have a large role in selection and recommendation of supplementary materials. Teachers are encouraged to use a wide range of learning aids, provided the expense incurred in purchasing these aids remains within the limits of the budget.


The superintendent shall develop a plan which will allow teacher participation in the selection of supplementary materials. This plan shall be part of the budgeting process, and Board approval shall be assumed by its inclusion in the adopted annual budget.


All instructional resources and materials, including supplementary materials, shall be available for inspection by parents and guardians.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(t)

20 U.S.C. 1232h (protection of pupil rights)


CROSS REFS.: DB, Annual Budget, and subcodes

IJ, Instructional Resources and Materials

KEC, Public Concerns/Complaints about Instructional Resources