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Homebound Instruction


The purpose of homebound instruction is to maintain continuity in the educational process for those students who, because of a temporary extended illness or condition, cannot attend school.


The district may provide homebound instruction, as appropriate, for students confined to home or hospitalized upon the request of parents and with the approval of the studentís physician or other licensed health care professional.


1.                  In each instance the physician/licensed health care professional must certify that the student will be unable to attend school for the length of time specified and that he /she is capable of receiving homebound instruction. The physician/licensed health care professional also shall be asked to give an estimate of the probable length of the studentís convalescence.


2.                  A parent should request the homebound/hospital instruction as soon as it is determined that the studentís condition will require it so instruction may begin as soon as the student is able to receive it.


Homebound instruction, although correlated with what the student is missing in the classroom, shall be geared to the studentís needs and what the student is capable of doing during the period of convalescence. Textbooks and supporting materials shall be provided by the appropriate school.


The student and the studentís family are partners in homebound instruction and shall provide timely and accurate information regarding the medical status of the student.


For students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 plan, the studentís IEP/Section 504 team shall determine the nature of the homebound instruction and the studentís IEP/Section 504 plan may be modified as appropriate to reflect the services that will be delivered in the homebound/hospital setting.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REF.:††††† C.R.S.† 22-33-104 (2)(i) (compulsory attendance shall not apply to a child being instructed at home)