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School Year/School Calendar/Instruction Time


Prior to the end of the school year, the Board shall determine the length of time during which district schools shall be in session during the next school year.† The number of hours/days of planned teacher-student instruction and of teacher-student contact shall be consistent with the Board's definition of "actively engaged in the educational process," shall meet or exceed the requirements of state law and shall include a sufficient number of days to allow the superintendent flexibility in preparing a calendar that supports the districtís educational objectives.


The Board defines "actively engaged in the educational process" as time when students are working toward achieving educational objectives under the supervision of a licensed teacher, including:


         classroom instruction time

         individual student work time while at school, including study hall and library research

         school-related field trips

         independent study insofar as such study is allowed under district policy



"Actively engaged in the educational process" shall not include:



         time students spend before school waiting for classes to begin and time after the last class of the day, including waiting for the bus

         recess time

         teacher preparation time

         passing periods between classes



Supervision by a licensed teacher shall not require that the teacher be in the studentís physical presence at all times, but that the teacher is exercising direction and control over the nature of the studentís activities.


The district calendar for the next school year shall be prepared by the superintendent and presented to the Board for approval in the spring of each year.† The superintendent shall consult with other districts in the area when preparing the calendar.


The Board authorizes the administration in each school building to issue a school calendar based on the district calendar and in accordance with this policy.† Administrators are encouraged to examine instruction time and calendar issues in the context of supporting the districtís educational objectives.


All calendars shall include the dates for all staff in-service programs scheduled for the upcoming school year.† The administration shall allow public input from parents and teachers prior to scheduling the dates for staff in-service programs.


A copy of the calendar shall be provided to all parents/guardians of students enrolled in district schools.† Any change in the calendar except for emergency closings or other unforeseen circumstances shall be preceded by adequate and timely notice of no less than 30 days.


If a school day is lost due to an emergency, the Board at its next regular meeting shall ratify the administrative action in closing the school.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


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