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NOTE:  This policy does not need to be filed in the Board’s policy manual.  It is provided as information only and if applicable, may be kept by the district in another location.





NOTE 1: This section is for filing policies relating to the process of negotiations, not for filing personnel policies that have been negotiated. (Most of the latter would go in the personnel section.) However, various policies and procedures relating to the process of negotiations may have been negotiated. Will you file them in this section?


In compiling a district policy manual, you need to make a decision at the start as to how you will handle the various statements in agreements with staff units that relate to the bargaining process and to employee compensation and working conditions.


It is recommended that:


• You use agreement excerpts (verbatim) as appropriate to the various categories in the policy classification system or use references to pertinent portions of agreements as appropriate to the various categories.


• Whichever basic method you choose, be consistent in the treatment of negotiated policies throughout your manual and give the same treatment to agreements with all staff units with which you negotiate.


• If you negotiate with more than one staff unit, consider using contract references only. This will save time and trouble in keeping your manual up to date. (You may wish to insert the entire agreements at the back of the manual for handy reference.)



NOTE 2: Colorado law requires school boards to provide copies of all collective bargaining agreements to the State Board of Education.


Copies of collective bargaining agreements must also be provided to the largest public library in the district and posted on the district’s website (if the district has a website).



NOTE 3:  The Innovation Schools Act of 2008 (the Act) permits a local board of education to seek designation as a “district of innovation” from the State Board of Education.  Once this designation is granted a district may pursue waivers of its collective bargaining agreements.  The Act specifies the process that must be followed to obtain such waivers.  C.R.S. 22-32.5-109.



LEGAL REF.:      C.R.S. 22-32-109.4(3)

                              C.R.S. 22-32.5-101 et seq. (Innovation Schools Act of 2008)




[Revised July 2008]