File:  GDO-R

Evaluation of Support Staff


While adherence to the following elements is not required for purposes of making personnel decisions, the following shall be followed to the extent feasible.


Designation of evaluators


Any classified employee’s performance evaluation will be completed by the immediate supervisor. Input may be secured from other administrators/supervisors as needed to complete the evaluation.


Schedule of evaluations


During an employee’s first year in the position he or she will be evaluated after two months, after six months, and during the last month of the employment year.


Other employees, beginning with the second year of employment, will be evaluated a minimum of one time annually, according to the schedule developed by the immediate supervisor. Any employee who assumes a different position will be evaluated after six months and one year in the new job.


Employees whose performance has been rated as less than effective will be placed on probation and evaluated more frequently as indicated in the procedures which follow. Additional evaluations may also be completed at the discretion of the supervisor.


Evaluation criteria


Each classified employee will be evaluated on the performance of the responsibilities listed in his or her position description. The effectiveness of the employee in carrying out duties is assessed on the basis of the performance factors included on the evaluation report. Performance indicators will be established in each of the performance areas to define the district’s standard of expected performance.


Observation and ongoing performance feedback


Over the course of the employment year, the supervisor will make observations of the employee’s work. The supervisor will maintain a record and sufficient documentation of these observations in order to accurately rate the employee’s work on each performance factor.


The supervisor will share observations of the employee’s performance on an ongoing basis. When observations reveal performance concerns, the supervisor will communicate with the employee to identify needed improvements and provide assistance as required.


Evaluation report


The supervisor will complete the performance evaluation report for each classified staff member according to a specific time schedule. The supervisor will review records, secure additional input as necessary and fill out the appropriate evaluation forms.


Evaluation conference


The supervisor will schedule a conference with the employee to review the evaluation report. The conference will focus on a review of the employee’s performance ratings, any relevant documentation, and recommendations.


At the conclusion of the conference, the supervisor and the employee will sign the evaluation report. The employee’s signature on the form indicates only that the evaluation report has been reviewed and explained. Signing the form does not indicate that the employee agrees with the content of the evaluation.


The original of the signed report will be directed to the building administrator for review and inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. The supervisor will retain a copy of the report and provide a copy to the employee.


The employee may respond to the report in writing within seven working days of the conference. Two copies of the written report are required; one copy is provided to the supervisor and the other copy to the building administrator.


Improvement plan


When an employee’s overall performance has been rated as “unsatisfactory” or “needs improvement,” employment may be terminated or the employee may be placed on probation and re-evaluated on a schedule determined by the supervisor.


If a written improvement plan is developed and implemented, the supervisor will prepare the plan to include identification of the skill deficiency and/or behavior(s) needing improvement, steps to be taken in achieving improvements, and a timeline for review of progress and re-evaluation(s). Employee input into the plan may be secured at the discretion of the supervisor.


Prior to the implementation of the plan, it will be reviewed with the employee, and signed by the employee and the supervisor. The employee’s signature indicates that the plan has been reviewed with and explained by the supervisor. Signing the plan does not indicate agreement with the content of the plan.


A copy of the assigned plan will be forwarded to the building administrator. A copy will be retained by the supervisor and a copy will be provided to the employee. Re-evaluations which document insufficient progress toward improvement will result in a recommendation for termination of employment.


“At will” status of support staff


Support staff employees, unless otherwise designated by contract, shall be considered “at will” employees who serve at the pleasure of the Board and shall have only those employment rights expressly established by Board policy. Nothing in this regulation shall diminish the district’s ability to employ support staff members only for such time as the district is in need of or desirous of the services of such employees. The district reserves the right to discipline or terminate the employment of a support staff employee without regard to the outcome of any past or pending evaluation or whether evaluations have been conducted.


Approval date: Sept. 22, 2014