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Evaluation of Support Staff


The district has adopted an evaluation system designed to ensure the highest quality of services for the district’s students, staff and community. This system shall assist supervisors and classified employees in understanding the evaluation process.


However, support staff employees, unless otherwise designated by contract, shall be considered “at will” employees who serve at the pleasure of the Board and shall have only those employment rights expressly established by Board policy. Nothing in this policy shall diminish the district’s ability to employ support staff members only for such time as the district is in need of or desirous of the services of such employees. The district reserves the right to discipline or terminate the employment of a support staff employee without regard to the outcome of any past or pending evaluation or whether evaluations have been conducted.


The evaluation system is designed to:


1.                  Improve or support teaching and learning


2.                  Enhance implementation of curricular programs


3.                  Measure professional growth, development and performance


4.                  Promote and improve communications between the employee and supervisor


5.                  Provide insight and feedback regarding the employee’s performance, including areas of strength, opportunities for growth, and need for improvement


6.                  Provide recognition for outstanding performance


7.                  Ensure that consistent procedures and uniform performance standards are used for the evaluation of all employees who hold the same position


8.                  Explain the responsibilities of the employee and employer in the evaluation process


9.                  Provide additional information that may relate to personnel decisions


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014