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Instructional Staff Assignments and Transfers


The assignment of instructional staff members and their transfer to positions in the various schools and departments of the district shall be recommended by the superintendent and approved by the Board of Education. The transfer of teachers who have been displaced shall be accomplished in accordance with the Boardís policy on teacher displacement, not this policy.


The following criteria shall serve as guidelines:


1.                  Contribution which staff member could make to student achievement in a new position.


2.                  Qualifications of staff member, including teacherís level of endorsement, compared to those of outside candidates, both for position to be vacated and for position to be filled.


3.                  Recommendation and/or approval of the principal(s) involved.


4.                  Opportunity for the staff member's professional growth.


5.                  Wishes of staff member regarding assignment or transfer.


A teacher's request for transfer will be granted whenever the best interests of the schools will be served. Whenever a request for a transfer is made, it is ethical and desirable in most cases for all parties concerned to discuss the merits of the request in an effort to arrive at a common understanding. The request for transfer will be submitted to the principal in charge of the building where the teacher is presently assigned. After being approved by the principal, the request will be filed with the superintendent.


Transfers from one building to another or one grade level to another may be made in order to best serve the district. This may be done upon the advice of the building principal and with the agreement of the principal to whom the transfer will be made or upon the recommendation of the supervisor.


The assignment of a teacher to a specific building will not imply permanent assignment to that building.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REFS.:††† C.R.S. 22-32-126 (3) (principal submits recommendations to superintendent)

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CROSS REF.:†††††† GCKAA*, Teacher Displacement