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Professional Staff Training, Workshops and Conferences


Because the Board desires its professional staff to stay abreast of current trends and developments in education, the annual budget of the district shall provide a specified amount for staff training, workshops and conferences. Within amounts budgeted for such purposes, the superintendent shall determine which professional staff members shall participate.


Employees authorized by the superintendent to represent the school system at training, workshops and conferences will be allowed salary and expenses in conformance with regulations on expense reimbursement.


Insofar as is advantageous to the district, a rotation system shall be used in assigning staff members to attend regularly held conventions and conferences.† However, assignment shall take into consideration the role the staff member will play at the meeting and his or her ability to share the benefits derived from it with other staff members.


With the superintendentís permission, professional staff members other than those selected as official representatives shall be allowed to attend training, workshops and conferences, under the following conditions:


1.                  The staff member shall not be reimbursed for expenses.

2.                  If it is necessary to hire a substitute in the staff memberís absence, the cost of†† such substitute shall be deducted from the staff memberís salary.

3.                  Except for the cost of a substitute, the staff member shall receive his or her usual salary.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


CROSS REF.:†††††††††††† DKC, Expense Authorization/Reimbursement