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Staff Victim Leave


Any staff member who has been employed with the district for at least 12 months and is the victim of certain crimes/actions (listed below) may request and shall be granted up to three working days of leave during any 12-month period, [the Board must insert either “with pay” or “without pay”; the statute allows the employer to decide whether the leave will be paid or unpaid] for any of the following purposes:


1.      to seek a civil restraining order to prevent domestic abuse as it is defined in state law

2.      to obtain medical care or mental health counseling or both for the employee or his or her children to address related physical or psychological injuries

3.      to make his or her home secure from the perpetrator or to seek new housing to escape from the perpetrator

4.      to seek legal assistance to address related issues and attend and prepare for court-related proceedings


Except in cases of imminent danger to the health or safety of the employee, an employee seeking victim leave shall provide as much advance notice to the district as possible, as well as appropriate documentation requested by the employee’s supervisor [or insert the title of other person who makes leave decisions].



All information related to the employee’s leave shall be kept confidential and copies of any related documents retained by the district shall be marked confidential and stored in a secure location separate from routine personnel documents.


This leave applies to the following crimes/actions as defined in state law:


1.      domestic abuse

2.      stalking

3.      sexual assault

4.      any other crime where a court finds that the underlying factual basis includes an act of domestic violence


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014


LEGAL REF.:            C.R.S. 24-34-402.7 (unlawful action against employees seeking protection)