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Sick Leave Bank


The purpose of the sick leave bank is to provide a source of sick leave for a district employee who sustains a long illness and uses up all accumulated leave or for the new employee who likewise sustains a long illness and does not have accumulated leave to use. The sick leave bank will consider all illnesses, including medical conditions related to pregnancy.


Any employee who is entitled to sick leave may donate one day of sick leave to this bank thereby becoming a member. If the balance in the bank drops below 100 days, member employees will be asked to donate one additional day if they wish to stay eligible for this benefit. If the total accumulated days rises above 1000, any employee who has donated one day per year for three years will no longer be asked to donate additional days, until the total accumulation drops below 100 days. The donation of days will be at the beginning of each school year.


The bank will be administered by a committee of three employees, including one teacher, one classified employee and one administrator. The committee shall determine the validity of the member employee’s request and determine whether the request will be denied, granted or granted in part. In making these determinations, the committee will give consideration to the following factors:


1.            Member’s past conservation and fair use of leave policies.


2.            The seriousness of past and current illnesses and injuries.


3.            Any unusual circumstances involved.


Further, in making these determinations, the committee will review information presented by member employees and may consider information available from any other source.


Members will make written application to the sick leave bank committee (through the superintendent’s office) for use of the sick leave bank. The committee may request a letter from the attending physician stating that the individual was not able to perform the normal duties of the job.


A maximum of 60 days per school year may be awarded.


The sick leave bank committee will notify the applicant and the superintendent’s office of its decision in written form.


A member employee withdrawing from the sick leave bank may not withdraw contributed days.


Enrollment in the sick leave bank is limited to the first month of employment or between September 15 and October 1 of each year.


Adoption date: Unknown


CROSS REFS:            GBGG, Staff Sick Leave

                                    GBGF, Federally-Mandated Family and Medical Leave