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Staff Leave



Upon employment all employees are awarded leave days as a benefit to their employment. Nine and ten month employees will receive 10 days of leave per year and twelve-month employees will receive 12 days of leave per year.    


The maximum amount of accrued days cannot exceed 30 days.


Annually and prior to June 1, an employee may “sell-back” any amount of accrued days at substitute pay rate. The employee can “sell-back” the accrued 30 days upon retirement.


Leave shall not be granted on the following black out days:           


The first and last day of school,

The day prior to or returning from a scheduled calendar break as follows,

               Labor Day


               Winter Break

               Spring Break

               Friday Professional Work Days as noted on Board Approved Calendar


An employee will have a reduction of one day’s pay for each black out day taken and one-day reduction from leave for each black out day taken.


Exemptions may be granted for the following:  Family Medical Leave Act, a medical event involving employee or immediate family member, Jury Duty, or a bereavement eligible event. 


An employee, requesting an exemption for leave during black out day must be completed and turned into administrator within 7 days the Non-Eligible Personal Leave Exception Request (GBGG-E), and proper documentation.  The employee would be notified within 7 days  if leave was approved by administration.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014

Revised adoption: November 19, 2019



GBGF, Federally-Mandated Family and Medical Leave

GBGH, Sick Leave Bank