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Staff Training in Crisis Prevention and Management


In order to support the district’s efforts to prevent and manage crisis, the Board directs the superintendent to provide a comprehensive staff training program that at a minimum trains staff to:


1.                  Recognize and effectively address student behavior and other indicators that signal possible violence or other impending crisis.


2.                  Know when to report student behavior and other indicators to parents, other persons within the school community and law enforcement.


3.                  Function with awareness of applicable district policies and guidelines about student discipline and student civil rights.


4.                  Involve the help of psychological and other experts when needed to address student behavior.


5.                  Practice physical security methods for self and others.


6.                  Teach and model nonviolent conflict resolution techniques.


7.                  Share safety information with parents in order to spread the responsibility for safety and engage parents as partners in crisis prevention.


8.                  Foster moral reasoning and self-control in students’ behavior.


9.                  Teach and model tolerance of others.


10.              Help design and implement crisis prevention and management plans.


11.              Effectively manage various types of crisis.


12.              Involve psychological specialists as appropriate to manage debriefing and grieving of staff and students after traumatic loss.


Adoption date: N/A


LEGAL REF.:      C.R.S. 22-32-110 (1)(k) (professional in service training)


CROSS REFS:      JIH, Student Interrogations, Searches and Arrests

                              JIHB, Parking Lot Searches

                              JIHC, Use of Metal Detectors

                              KDE, Crisis Prevention and Management (Safety, Readiness and Incident Management Planning)

                              KLG, Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities