File:  GBB




Staff Involvement in Decisionmaking


The Board believes that staff members play an important role in decisionmaking for the school district.  Staff members are encouraged to participate in the setting of district educational objectives by the Board and in determining appropriate strategies for achieving the objectives.


Staff advisory functions


The superintendent shall include staff in decisionmaking processes, when feasible, and in the development of regulations and procedures for the district.


The Board encourages the superintendent to develop channels for effective communication between and among the staff and the administration.  The superintendent shall weigh with care the counsel given by employees especially that given by groups designated to represent large segments of the staff, and shall inform the Board of all such counsel in presenting reports of administrative action and recommendations for Board action.


Staff advisory committees


So that joint advice may be readily available for the purpose described above, the staff shall be encouraged to elect advisory committees to work with the superintendent and principals in the areas of concern to staff.  Furthermore, the superintendent and principals shall, at their own discretion, appoint additional committees as needed.


Adoption date: Sept. 22, 2014