File:  FB-R




Facilities Planning


The Board recognizes that facility planning is an ongoing process that requires resources to carry out short and long-range facility planning responsibilities. The superintendent shall establish a facilities planning process that includes:


1.                  Coordinating a process to identify, evaluate, validate, and document capital improvement needs, including the capital needs of district charter schools.


2.                  Maintaining and updating a comprehensive list of capital improvement needs.


3.                  Maintaining complete and current educational and technical specifications.


4.                  Providing facility needs data and background information for development of short and long-range capital improvement programs.


5.                  Maintaining permanent facility project record documents and providing facility record information.


6.                  Conducting a thorough technical evaluation of proposed school sites.


7.                  Providing consultation, research, and information on facility matters.


8.                  Keeping abreast of educational program changes/trends and their facility impact.


Adoption date: 10/28/2002

Reviewed: August 2012