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Facilities Planning


The Board believes that facilities are an integral part of instruction.  Facilities represent a major investment for the district and facilities planning is an essential component of instructional planning.  It is the Board's goal to plan facilities that will:


1.                  Efficiently house students and staff in permanent facilities that are conducive to optimal teaching and learning


2.                  Be appropriately located to provide optimal use during the life of the facility


3.                  Provide equity in instructional opportunities for all students


4.                  Reflect the value placed on instruction by the school district community


Adoption date: 10/28/2002


LEGAL REFS:           C.R.S. 22-30.5-401 et seq. (Charter School Capital Facilities Financing Act)

                                    C.R.S. 22-41-110 (payment of bonds)

                                    C.R.S. 22-41.5-101 et seq. (weakening of debt limitations)

                                    C.R.S. 22-42-101 et seq. (bonded indebtedness)

                                    C.R.S. 22-45-103 (1)(b) and (d) (bond redemption and special building and technology funds)

                                    C.R.S. 29-14-101 et seq. (Bond Anticipation Note Act)


CROSS REF.:             LBDA*, Facilities Planning and Funding for District Charter Schools