File:  EFC




Free and Reduced-Price Food Services


The district shall take part as feasible in the National School Lunch and other food programs which may become available to ensure that all students in the district receive proper nourishment.


The administration shall establish regulations which conform with state and federal (or other) requirements regarding participation in programs for free and reduced price meals and supplementary food.  Such regulations shall be presented to the Board from time to time for its approval.


Adoption date: Unknown

Revised: 3/30/2009 / June 2009

LEGAL REFS.:          42 U.S.C. 1751 et seq. (National School Lunch Act)

                                    C.R.S. 22-32-120

                                    C.R.S. 22-82.7-101 et seq. (Start Smart Nutrition Program provides funding to eliminate amount students who qualify for reduced price meals pay in school breakfast program)

                                    C.R.S. 22-82.9-101et seq. (Child Nutrition School Lunch Protection Program provides funding to eliminate amount students in preschool through second grade pay for school lunch program, if they qualify for reduced price meals)


CROSS REF.:             EF, Food Services