File:† EEA-R





Student Transportation Regulations

(Transportation Fee)


The district may impose and collect a fee for the payment of excess transportation costs by adoption of a Board resolution, in accordance with state law.† Prior to adoption of such Board resolution, the Board shall hold a public meeting to solicit and consider recommendations from, at a minimum, the school district accountability committee or its equivalent; teachers; parents; students; and any statewide or local organization that represents parents, students and teachers within the district.† The recommendations shall pertain to whether the Board should impose a transportation fee and to the proposed transportation fee schedule.† Public notice of this meeting shall be provided at least 30 days prior to the meeting.


At a meeting held subsequent to the meeting at which the Board hears public comments and recommendations, the Board may adopt a transportation fee schedule and Board resolution to impose such a fee.† In imposing any transportation fee, the district shall ensure that only those students who use the districtís transportation services shall be required to pay the fee.


Approval date: September 22, 2014