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Threat Assessment



In support of maintaining school safety, staff will investigate reports of or evidence regarding student behavior on or off school grounds that could pose a threat to the safety or welfare of other students or staff.


Threatening or potentially dangerous behavior may include verbal, written, or non-verbal communications or gestures.  Threats may be direct, indirect, conditional or veiled.  Threats may be communicated in person, electronically, through a third party or by other intentional or unintentional means.


In assessing the potential level of dangerousness of a student’s behavior school staff may conduct a threat assessment following a District protocol.  Parents or guardians may be invited to assist school staff in completing the assessment.  However, parent refusal to assist staff in completing the assessment will not prevent staff from completing those parts of the assessment about which staff is knowledgeable.


Parents or guardians will be notified when a threat assessment is being conducted or as soon as possible after such assessment has been conducted regarding their student.  Records of student threat assessments shall be provided to parents upon request.


Students who engage in behavior that is threatening to others, or behavior that is detrimental to the safety or welfare of others, are subject to disciplinary sanctions up to and including referral for expulsion consideration.


Interventions, as deemed appropriate and necessary based on the results of the threat assessment may include requiring verification of ongoing participation and appropriate progress in mental health treatment services and may be a condition of a student being considered for readmission to school following any exclusion for potentially threatening or dangerous behavior.


In those cases, in which harm or threatened harm is directed at a District staff member or an authorized volunteer, an administrator shall provide the employee/volunteer with written findings and the planned response to the risks within 10 working days following receipt of information from the staff member regarding the threat or within such lesser period of time as may be required by applicable law and/or District policy.


FIRST READING:  November 27, 2018
ADOPTED: February 26, 2019


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