File: DKC

Expense Authorization/Reimbursement

The same general policy shall apply to all personnel and district officials in regard to reimbursement of expenses. This policy shall be as follows:

1.     Receipts are no longer required for meal reimbursements for travel on or after February 26, 2019. The individual meal reimbursement amounts have changed. (see below)

2.     Such expenses shall be approved and incurred in line with budgetary allocations for the specific type of expenses.

3.     Meal reimbursements are not allowed if a meal is included with lodging, as part of a conference/registration fee, include on an Official Function, or otherwise provided to the traveler at no cost. Exception: Airline meal do not count as a meal.

4.     The traveler must depart from Antonito before 5 am to be reimbursed for breakfast, depart before 11 am or return after 1 pm to be reimbursed for lunch, return after 8 pm or depart from Antonito before 5 pm to be reimbursed for dinner.

5.     When travel overlap partial days, meal reimbursement will be determined by the departure and arrival times.

6.     When official travel by personally owned vehicle has been authorized, mileage payment shall be made at the rate currently approved by the Board. This rate is $.40 per mile.

Breakfast - $8.50 Lunch - $9.00 Dinner - $20.50

Adoption date: August 26, 2014 Revised: February 26, 2019

LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 24-18-104 (3)(d)(e)