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Qualifications/Powers and Responsibilities of Superintendent

(Job Description)


TITLE:††††††††††††††††††††††† Superintendent of schools



1.      [Certificate, license or other legal credential required.]


2.      [Degree(s) required and area of major study.]


3.      [Kind and amount of prior job experience required.]


4.      Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO:†††††††††† Board of Education


SUPERVISES:†††††††††† Directly or indirectly all employees of the district


JOB GOAL:††††††††††††††† To provide leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services.




The superintendent of schools shall be responsible for the general management of the schools of the district under the requirements of the state and the policies of the Board. The superintendent shall be responsible for guiding the development of the educational objectives and programs of the school district to fulfill the educational needs of all students. The superintendent shall provide overall direction to the activities of the school district and its personnel toward the accomplishment of district goals, administer the policies of the Board, conserve the school districtís assets and resources, and maintain and enhance the school districtís standing in all its internal and external relationships.


The management responsibilities of the superintendent shall extend to all activities of the district, to all phases of the educational program and to all parts of the physical plant.


1.                  Operations. The superintendent shall:


a.       Manage the work of all personnel in planning and program development and direct the activities of the school district. The superintendent may delegate these responsibilities together with appropriate authority, but may not delegate nor relinquish ultimate responsibility for results of any portion of the accountability.


b.      Manage the development of long- and short-range educational objectives for the improvement and growth of the school district and of educational activities in the school district.


c.       Manage the development of the overall educational process and administrative procedures and controls necessary to the implementation of educational programs for the achievement of the educational objectives of the school district, including state and district content standards.


d.      Manage the regular and systematic evaluation, analysis and appraisal of the achievements of students and the performance of personnel in each of the educational programs or activities against stated objectives of the school district.


e.       Report to the Board the progress and status of the programs and activities of the school district.


f.        Inform the Board on all matters of major importance or significance to the activities, programs and progress of the school district.


2.                  Organization. The superintendent shall:


a.       Establish and maintain an administrative organization which provides for the effective management of all the essential functions of the school district.


b.      Recommend proposed revisions to the organization of the management structure including the establishment or elimination or a revision of administrative positions.


3.                  Personnel. The superintendent shall:


a.       Develop and recommend policies and programs for personnel recruitment, selection and employment; employee relations; employee benefits and services; employee safety; personnel evaluation, and salary administration for the school district.


b.      Ensure the maintenance of an adequate staff of properly trained administrative and supervisory personnel throughout the school district.


c.       Recommend to the Board the selection, employment, assignment, transfer and suspension of all personnel.


d.      Supervise assigned personnel and conduct periodic evaluations and appraisals of their performance.


e.       Recommend salary increases and salary adjustments for all personnel.


f.        Develop and recommend to the Board job classifications for all new positions.


4.                  Finances. The superintendent shall:


a.       Direct the development of the annual budget of the school district.


b.      Review and recommend programs and supporting data for funds to be included in the annual budget of the school district.


c.       Provide for the overall management of the school districtís financial activities and take appropriate action to ensure that expenses are kept within the approved budgetary limits of the school district.


d.      Assist principals and directors in maintaining economy and efficiency in the operation of their administrative units.


e.       Maintain an active contact and familiarization with all local, state, federal and philanthropic programs which provide or could provide financial assistance to the district.


5.                  Relationships. The superintendent shall:


a.       Act as executive officer for the Board.


b.      Act as professional adviser to the Board.


c.       Attend meetings of the Board with the right to comment on all issues.


d.      Prepare the agenda for all educational matters for all meetings of the Board and deliver the agenda with pertinent information on each item well in advance of the meeting.


e.       Participate in the affairs of local, state and national professional organizations.


f.        Serve as a representative of the school system and the community at meetings on the local, state and national level.


g.      Maintain a cooperative working relationship between the schools and the community and community agencies.


h.      Establish and maintain such other relationships within and outside the school district as required to carry out his or her responsibility.


Adoption Date: Unknown

Revised: February 1999



LEGAL REF.:††††† C.R.S. 22-9-106 (4) (qualifications to evaluate personnel)