File:† BG-R






Policy Adoption

(Waiver Requests)


School-level accountability committees may request a waiver of Board policy to facilitate attainment of a school-level goal by submitting a written application to the Board of Education.† The request for waiver or renewal of an existing waiver must be supported by a majority of committee members and the building principal.


Waivers will be good for two years and may be renewed without limit for additional two-year periods after review by the Board.


The waiver or waiver renewal request must include:


1.                  Coding and title of the policy to be waived.


2.                  Specific documentation demonstrating how the policy prohibits the school from achieving a school goal.


3.                  Expected outcome of the waiver or waiver renewal.


4.                  Duration requested for the waiver or waiver renewal.


5.                  Explanation of how the waiver or waiver renewal would assist the school in reaching its goal.


6.                  Financial impact of the waiver.


The written request for a waiver or waiver renewal must be received by the Board at least 30 days prior to proposed implementation.


The waiver or waiver renewal will be granted if the Board determines that the school has clearly demonstrated that the waiver or waiver renewal will result in the schoolís accomplishing its goal.


The Board will provide a written response to the waiver or waiver renewal request within 60 days of receipt of the request.


Adoption: September 22, 2014