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District Safe and Drug-Free Schools Advisory Council


In accordance with federal law and as a recipient of funding under the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, the Board of Education shall appoint a district safe and drug-free school advisory council.


At a minimum, the council shall consist of one individual representing each of the following groups: parents, state and local government officers, teachers and other district staff, representatives of the schools to be served (including private schools), community-based organizations, and other groups with interest and expertise in the field of drug and violence prevention activities, such as medical, mental health and law enforcement professionals. One individual may represent more than one of these groups.


The council may provide advice to the district and Board in the planning, implementation and evaluation of school-based programs and may help coordinate such programs with related community efforts and resources.


Adoption Date: September 22, 2017


LEGAL REF.:      20 U.S.C. 7114(c) (Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act)


CROSS REFS.:     GBEC, Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

                              IHAMA, Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

                              JICH, Drug and Alcohol Use by Students





















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