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Preschool Council


The superintendent shall appoint an advisory council that provides assistance and makes recommendations in implementing and coordinating a preschool program funded through the Colorado Preschool Program Act.




Membership on the advisory council will include but not be limited to the following:


1.             The superintendent or designee


2.             Two parents of children in the preschool program appointed by the superintendent


3.             Two members of the business community appointed by the superintendent


4.             Representatives from the following agencies:


a.       Conejos County Department of Health


b.       Conejos County Department of Social Services


c.       Rocky Mountain SER



Appointed members will serve for two-year terms. Any vacancy among the appointed members will be filled by appointment by the superintendent for the unexpired term.




Members of the council will elect a chairman for a one-year term, who may be elected to a second term.




In accordance with law, the council will:


1.             Assist the district in the implementation of the preschool program.


2.             Develop and recommend to the Board of Education plans for coordinating the preschool program with:


a.       Extended day services for children participating in the program and their families in order to achieve an increased efficiency in the services provided.


b.       Family support services for children participating in the program and their families.


c.       A program to train parents to provide teaching activities in the home prior to the entrance of their children in the preschool program.




3.             Define any additional student eligibility criteria.


4.             Develop a preschool program evaluation.


5.             Develop a training program for preschool program staff using all available community resources. The district may request ongoing training of personnel from the Colorado Department of Education as needed in order to promote successful implementation of the preschool program.


6.             Recommend to the Board a plan for the annual evaluation of the preschool program.


7.             Provide any other appropriate assistance to the school district in the implementation of the preschool program.


8.             At least once every two years, assess whether alternative community providers are available in order to ensure the highest quality service delivery at the lowest cost.


No action taken by the council will be final until approved by the Board of Education.




The council will meet a minimum of six times per year.


In addition, members of the council will make at least two on-site visits per year to all HeadStart agencies and public and private child care facilities with which the district has contracted to monitor overall program compliance and make recommendations for needed improvements.


(Adoption date)


LEGAL REFS.:    C.R.S. 22-28-105 (preschool  program council duties)

                                        C.R.S. 22-28-107 (ongoing training available from CDE)


CROSS REF.:       IHBIB, Primary/Preprimary Education