AC - Nondiscrimination-Equal Opportunity

AC-E-1 - NondiscriminationEqual Opportunity-Exhibit 1

AC-E-2 - NondiscriminationEqual Opportunity-Exhibit 2

AC-R - Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity - Regulation

AD - School District Mission

ADA - School District Educational Goals

ADC - Tobacco-Free Schools

ADD - Safe Schools

ADD-E - Safe School Exhibit

ADD-SC - Safe Schools Anti-Bullying South Conejos School District

ADE - School Wellness

AE - AccountabilityCommitment to Accomplishment

AE-R - Accountability Commitment to Accomplishment-Regulations

AEA - Standards Based Education NYA

AED - Accreditation

AEE - Waiver of State Law and Regulation

BBA - School Board Powers, Responsibilities and Authority

BBBA - Board Member Qualifications

BC - School Board Member Conduct

BCA-E-1 - Code of Ethics for School Board Members - Exhibit

BCA-E-2 - Board Member Code of Ethics - Exhibit

BCB - School Board Member Conflict of Interest

BC-R - School Board Member Financial Disclosure - Regulation

BDA - Board Organizational Meeting

BDB - Board Officers

BDF - Advisory Committees

BDFA - District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council

BDFC - Preschool Council

BDFD - District Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Advisory Council

BE - School Board Meetings

BEAA - Electronic Participation in School Board Meetings

BEC - Executive Sessions

BEDA - Notification of School Board Meetings


BEDD - Rules of Order

BEDF - Voting Method

BEDG - Minutes

BEDH - Public Participation at School Board Meeting

BG - School Board Policy Process

BGA - Policy Implementation

BG-R - Policy Adoption (Waiver Requests) - Regulation

BID-BIE - School Board Member CompensationExpensesInsuranceLiability

CBA-CBC - QualificationsPowers and Responsibilities of Superintendent (Job Description)

CBB - Recruitment of Superintendent

CBD - Superintendent-s Contract

CBD-E - Superintendent-s Contract Exhibit

CBF - Superintendent-s Conduct

CBI - Evaluation of Superintendent

CBI-R - Evaluation of Superintendent - Regulation

CC - Administrative Organization

CCA - Organization Chart

CF - School Building Administration

CH - Policy Implementation

CHCA - Handbooks and Directives

CHD - Administration in the Absence of Policy

DA - Fiscal Management GoalsPriority Objectives

DAB - Financial Administration

DAB-E - Financial Administration (Timeline for Online Posting of Financial Information)

DB - Annual Budget

DBD - Determination of Budget Priorities

DBG - Budget Adoption Process

DBG-E - Deadlines in Budgeting Process Set by Statute - Exhibit

DBJ - Budget Transfers

DBK - Fiscal Emergencies

DEA - Funds From Local Tax Sources

DEB - Loan Programs (Funds from State Tax Sources)

DFA-DFAA - Revenues from InvestmentsUse of Surplus Funds

DG - Banking Services (And Deposit of Funds)

DH - Bonded Employees and Officers

DI - Fiscal Accounting

DID - Inventories

DIE - Annual Audit

DJE - Bidding Procedures

DJG - Vendor Relations

DJ-DJA - PurchasingPurchasing Authority

DKA - Payroll and Procedures

DKA-R - Payroll and Procedures - Regulation

DKB - Salary Deductions

DKC - Expense Authorization Reimbursement

EB Safe and Secure Schools Policy

EB_R Safe and Secure Schools Regulations

EBAB - Hazardous Materials

EBAB-R - Hazardous Materials - Regulation

EBBA - Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission

EBBA-R - Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission - Regulation

EBB Threat Assessment

EBBB - Accident Reports

EBCA Disaster Plans

EBCB-R - School Closings and Cancellations - Regulation

EBCE - School Closings and Cancellations

ECA-ECAB - SecurityAccess to Buildings

EDB - Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment

EEA - Student Transportation

EEAE - Bus Safety Program

EEAEA - School Transportation Vehicle Operator Requirements and Training

EEAEAA - Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers

EEAEAA-R - Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers - Regulation

EEAEG - Use of Wireless Communication Devices by School Transportation Vehicle Operators

EEAFB - Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups

EEAFB-R - Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups - Regulation

EEAG - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EEAG-E - Student Transportation in Private Vehicles (Memorandum of Understanding) - Exhibit

EEA-R - Student Transportation Fee Regulation

EEBA - School Transportation Vehicles (Use of Safety Belts)

EF - Food Services

EFC - Free and Reduced-Price Food Services

EFEA - Nutritious Food Choices

EFEA-E - Healthy Beverages Standards for Schools - Exhibit

EGAD - Copyright Compliance

EGAEA - Electronic Communication

EHB - Records Retention NYA

EI - Insurance ProgramRisk Management

FB - Facilities Planning

FBC - Prioritization of Facility Improvements

FBC-R - Prioritization of Facility Improvements - Regulation

FB-R - Facilities Planning - Regulation

FD - Facilities Funding

FDA - Bond Campaigns

GBA - Open Hiring-Equal Employment Opportunity

GBAA - Sexual Harassment

GBAB - Workplace Health and Safety Protection

GBB - Staff Involvement in Decisionmaking

GBEA - Staff Ethics-Conflict of Interest

GBEA-E - Staff Ethics-Conflict of Interest - Exhibit

GBEB - Staff Conduct

GBEBA - Staff Dress Code

GBEBC - Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

GBEC - Drug-Free Workplace (Drug and Alcohol Use by Staff Members)

GBEC-E - Employee Acknowledgment Form Drug-Free Workplace - Exhibit

GBEE - Staff Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications

GBEE-E - Staff Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications (Annual Accrptable Use Agreement) - Exhibit

GBG - Liability of School PersonnelStaff Protection

GBGA - Staff Health

GBGAA - Staff Training in Crisis Prevention and Management

GBGAB - First Aid Training

GBGA-R - Staff Health (Staff Members with HIV-AIDS-Communicable Diseases)

GBGB - Staff Personal Security and Safety

GBGD - Workers Compensation

GBGE - Staff MaternityPaternityParental Leave

GBGF - Federally-Mandated Family and Medical Leave

GBGF-R - Federally-Mandated Family and Medical Leave

GBGG - Staff Leave

GBGH - Sick Leave Bank

GBGI - Staff Military Leave

GBGJ - Staff Bereavement Leave

GBGK - Staff Legal Leave

GBGL - Staff Victim Leave

GBJ - Personnel Records and Files

GBJA - Disclosure of Information to Prospective Employers

GBK - Staff Concerns-Complaints-Grievances

GBK_E Staff Concerns-complaints-Grievance Exhibit Adopted 08.21.18

GBK_R Staff Concerns-Complaints-Grievances

GC - Professional Staff

GCA - Professional Staff Positions

GCA-E - Teacher Contract

GCA-E-1 - Alternative Teacher Contract

GCA-E-2 - Administrator Contract

GCBA - Instructional Staff Contracts-Compensation-Salary Schedules

GCBA-E - Instructional Staff Contracts-Compensation-Salary Schedules - Exhibit

GCBAA - Performance Pay for Instructional Staff

GCBC - Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans-Overtime

GCBD - Professional Staff Fringe Benefits

GCD - Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays

GCE-GCF - Professional Staff Recruiting-Hiring

GCE-GCF-R - Professional Staff Recruiting-Hiring

GCG-GCGA - Part-Time and Substitute Professional Staff -

GCHA-GCHB - Mentor Teachers-Administrators

GCHC - Professional Staff Induction Program

GCI - Professional Staff Development

GCID - Professional Staff Training, Workshops and Conferences

GCKA - Instructional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCKAA - Teacher Displacement

GCKAA-R - Teacher Displacement

GCKB - Administrative Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCL - Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars

GCOA - Evaluation of Instructional Staff

GCOA-R - Evaluation of Instructional Staff

GCOC - Evaluation of Administrative Staff

GCOC-R - Evaluation of Administrative Staff

GCOE - Evaluation of Evaluators

GCQA - Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQA-R - Instructional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQC-GCQD - Resignation of Instructional Staff-Administrative Staff

GCQE - Retirement of Professional Staff

GCQEA - Voluntary Early Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCQF - Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff (And Contract Nonrenewal)

GCS - Professional Research and Publishing

GD - Support-Classified Staff

GDA - Support Staff Positions

GDAA - Title I Paraprofessionals

GDBA - Support Staff Salary Schedules

GDBC - Support Staff Supplementary Pay-Overtime

GDBD - Support Staff Fringe Benefits

GDD - Support Staff Leave

GDE-GDF - Support Staff Recruiting-Hiring

GDE-GDF-R - Support Staff Recruiting-Hiring

GDG - Part-Time and Substitute Support Staff Employment

GDO - Evaluation of Support Staff

GDO-R - Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQB - Resignation of Support Staff

GDQD - Discipline Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff

IA - Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives

IC-ICA - School Year-School Calendar-Instruction Time

IGA - Curriculum Development

IGD - Curriculum Adoption

IGF - Curriculum Review

IHA - Basic Instructional Program

IHAC - History and Civil Government Education

IHACA - Law-Related Education

IHAE - Physical Education

IHAK - Character Education

IHAM - Health Education

IHAMA - Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IHAMB - Family Life-Sex Education

IHAMB-R - Family Life-Sex Education

IHAMC - HIV-AIDS Education

IHAMC-R - HIV-AIDS Education-Regulation

IHAM-R - Health Education (Exemption Procedure)

IHA-R - Basic Instructional Program

IHBA - Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities

IHBB - Gifted and Talented Education

IHBD - Compensatory Education

IHBEA - English Language Learners

IHBF - Homebound Instruction

IHBG - Home Schooling

IHBIB - Primary-Preprimary Education

IHBIB-R - Primary-Preprimary Education

IHCDA - Concurrent Enrollment

IHCDA-R - Concurrent Enrollment-Regulations

IJ - Instructional Resources and Materials

IJJ - Textbook Selection and Adoption

IJK - Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption

IJL - Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IJNDAB - Instruction through Online Courses

IJNDB - School Website Publishing

IJNDB-R - School Website Publishing

IJOA - Field Trips

IJOA-R - Field Trips

IK - Academic Achievement

IKA - Grading-Assessment Systems

IKAB - Report Cards-Progress Reports

IKE - Ensuring All Students Meet Standards

IKE-2 - Student Acceleration

IKE-2-E - Request for Acceleration

IKE-2-R - Student Acceleration Procedures

IKEA-E - Physical Education Waiver Form

IKF - Graduation Requirements

IKF-2 - Graduation Requirements

IKFB - Graduation Exercises

IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

ILBA - District Program Assessments

ILBB - State Program Assessments

ILBC - Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension

ILBC-R - Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension

IMA - Teaching Methods

IMB - Teaching about Controversial Issues and Use of Controversial Materials

IMBB - Exemptions from Required Instruction

IMDA - Patriotic Exercises

IMDB - Flag Displays

IML - Classroom Safety Instruction

JB - Equal Educational Opportunities

JBB - Sexual Harassment

JBB-R - Sexual Harassment - Regulations

JEA - Compulsory Attendance Ages

JEB - Entrance Age Requirements

JF - Admission and Denial of Admission

JFAB - Continuing Enrollment of Students Who Become Nonresidents

JFABA - Nonresident Tuition Charges

JFABB - Nonresident Tuition Charges

JFABB-R - Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign Exchange Students - Regulation

JFABD - Homeless Students

JFABD-R - Homeless Students - Regulation

JFBB - Inter-District ChoiceOpen Enrollment

JFBB-R - Inter-District ChoiceOpen Enrollment - Regulation

JFC - Student Withdrawal from SchoolDropouts

JFC-R - Student Withdrawal from SchoolDropouts - Regulation

JF-E - Admission and Denial of Admission - Exhibit

JF-E-2 - Delegation of Custodial Power by Parent or Guardian

JF-R - Admission and Denial of Admission (Procedures for Students in Out-of-Home Placements) - Regulation

JGA - Assignment of New Students to Classes and Grade Levels

JH - Student Absences and Excuses

JHB - Truancy

JIC - Student Conduct

JICA - Student Dress Code

JICC - Student Conduct in School Vehicles

JICDA - Code of Conduct

JICDD - Violent and Aggressive Behavior

JICDE - Bullying Prevention and Education

JICEA - School-Related Student Publications

JICEA-R - School-Related Student Publications (School Publications Code) - Regulation

JICEC - Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials

JICEC-R - Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials - Regulation

JICF - Secret SocietiesGang Activity

JICF-R - Secret SocietiesGang Activity - Regulation

JICH - Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

JICH-R - Drugs and Alcohol Involvement by Students - Regulations

JICI - Weapons in School

JICI-E - Gun-Free Schools Act (Definition of Firearm) - Exhibit

JICJ - Student Use of Electronic Communication Devices

JIE-JIG - PregnantMarried Students

JIH - Student Interviews, Interrogations, Searches and Arrests

JIHB - Parking Lot Searches

JIHC - Use of Metal Detectors

JII - Student Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

JII-R - Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances - Regulation

JJA-1 - Student Organizations

JJA-2 - Student Organizations - Open Forum (Secondary Schools)

JJA-2-R - Student Organizations - Open Forum (Secondary Schools) - Regulation

JJC - School Displays

JJF - Student Activities Funds

JJH - Student Travel

JJIB - Interscholastic Sports

JJJ - Extracurricular Activity Eligibility

JJJ-R - Extracurricular Activity Eligibility - Regulation

JK - Student Discipline

JKA - Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint

JKA-E - Student Restraint Incident Report Form - Exhibit

JKA-R - Use of Physical Intervention and Restraint - Regulation

JKBA - Disciplinary Removal from Classroom

JKBA-R - Disciplinary Removal from Classroom - Regulation

JKD-JKE - Suspension-Expulsion of Students

JKD-JKE-E - Suspension Expulsion - Exhibit

JKD-JKE-R - Suspension Expulsion of Students - Regulations

JKF - Educational Alternatives for Expelled Students

JKF-R - Educational Alternatives for Expelled Students - Regulation

JKG - Expulsion Prevention

JK-2 - Discipline of Students with Disabilities

JK-R - Student Discipline - Regulation

JLA - Student Insurance Programs

JLC - Student Health Services and Records

JLCA - Physical Examinations of Students

JLCB - Immunization of Students

JLCB-R - Immunization of Students - Regulation

JLCC - Student Conduct in School Vehicles

JLCD - Administering Medications to Students

JLCDA - Students with Food Allergies

JLCD-E - Permission for Medication - Exhibit

JLCD-R - Administering Medications to Students - Regulation

JLCE - First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

JLCEA - Students with Special Health Needs

JLCEA-R - Students with Special Health Needs (Implementation and Protocol for CPR Directives) - Regulation

JLCE-E - School First Aid and Emergency Medical Care Card - Exhibit

JLCE-R - First Aid and Emergency Medical Care - Regulation

JLCG - Medicaid Reimbursement

JLCG-E - Medicaid Reimbursement Exhibit

JLDAC - ScreeningTesting of Students (And Treatment of Mental Disorders)

JLDAC-E - Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) - Exhibit

JLF - Reporting Child AbuseChild Protection

JLF-R - Reporting Child AbuseChild Protection - Regulation

JLIB - Student Dismissal Precautions

JLIB-R - Student Dismissal Precautions - Regulation

JLJ - Physical Activity

JQ - Student Fees

JRA-JRC - Student RecordsRelease of Information on Students

JRA-JRC-E-1 - Student RecordsRelease of Information on Students (Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning Student Education Records) - Exhibit

JRA-JRC-E-2 - Opt-Out Form for Disclosure of Information to Military Recruiters - Exhibit

JRA-JRC-E-3 - Opt-Out Form for Student Image Publishing - Exhibit

JRA-JRC-R - Student RecordsRelease of Information on Students (Review, Amendment and Hearing Procedures) - Regulation

JRCA - Sharing of Student RecordsInformation between School District and State Agencies

JS - Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications

JS-E - Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications (Annual Acceptable Use Agreement) - Exhibit

KB - Parent Engagement in Education

KBA - District Title I Parent Involvement

KBA-E - School-Level Title I Parent Involvement Policy (School-Parent Compact) - Exhibit

KBBA - Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights and Responsibilities

KBBA-R - Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Rights and Responsibilities-Regulation

KCB - Community Involvement in Decision Making

KD - Public Information and Communications

KDB - Public-s Right to Know-Freedow of Information

KDB-R - Public-s Right to Know-Freedom of Information - Reglation

KDDA - Press Release, Conferences and Interviews

KDDA-R - Press Release, Conferences and Interviews - Regulation

KDE - Crisis Management (Safety, Readiness and Incident Management Planning)

KE - Public Concerns and Complaints

KEC - Public Concern-Complaints about Instructional Resources

KEF - Public Concern-Complaints about Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations

KF - Community Use of School Facilities

KFA - Public Conduct on District Property

KF-R - Commnity Use of School Facilities-Regulation

KHC - Distribution-Posting of Noncurricular Materials

KHC-R - Distribution-Posting of Noncurricular Materials-Regulations

KI - Visitors to Schools

KLG - Relations with State Agencies

KLMA - Relations with Military Recruiters, Postsecondary Institutions and Prospective Employers

LBB - Cooperative Educational Programming

LBD - Relations with District Charter Schools

LBDA - Facilities Planning and Funding for District Charter Schools

LBDA-R - Facilities Planning and Funding for District Charter Schools

LBDB-1 - Relations with Institute Charter Schools

LBDB-2 - Relations with Institute Charter Schools

LBD-E - Not Yet Adopted

LBD-R - Relations with District Charter Schools-Regulations

LC - Relations with Education Research Agencies

LC-R - Relations with Education Research Agencies